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by Bobby

Deeply seated within the residential area in Greenwood Avenue, Pepperoni is part of a chain of restaurants in this quiet and comfortable neighbourhood. It may be inconvenient for customers without cars as they may find themselves walking for 10mins from the main road, people who drive may find it slightly frustrating to come in for lunch due to the location of schools such as National Junior College and Raffles Girls Primary which leaves the area swarming with cars during lunch time when the students are dismissed from schools.

Located right next to Sebastian’s, one can immediately see the distinct difference in decor when you enter the restaurant. Pepperoni has a more laid back feel to it and the walls are covered with amateur crayon drawings. The tables are laid with drawing paper and crayons are left at the side of the table for customers to doodle on.

Pepperoni Pizza

The 4 of us ordered the grilled portobello mushroom as an appetiser and for entrees, we had the 30inch pizza with smoked salmon and parma ham toppings, a squid ink sauce linguine and an Aglio Olio spaghetti for the friend who doesn’t take seafood.The grilled portobello was okay and not exactly memorable so I shall skip the details of it. The Aglio Olio was a definite disappointment. The pasta was not cooked properly and in fact, it tasted a little uncooked to me.

What really surprised us was the squid ink sauce linguine. The phrase al dente would have been appropriate in describing it. The linguine freshly cooked was warm, firm and not hard. The squid ink sauce was thick and smooth and it was definitely not sickeningly rich like the cream in some Carbonaras that leave u feeling disgustingly full after a few mouthfuls. At $20, the portions did seem slightly stingy and we agreed in unison that we could have more of the linguine but it was onto the 30inch pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza

The 30 inch pizza was rather reminiscent of Modestos at Orchard Parade Hotel which also serves huge pizzas baked in authentic coal ovens. The crust was thin and the tomato was not overwhelming. The thinly sliced parma ham gave the pizza the adequate amount of saltiness to excite the palate and the generous heap of rocket was fun to chew on. I found the smoked salmon a tad too salty for my liking and after a while, it was quite apparent which topping was more popular among the 4 of us. At $44, this 2 topping pizza is quite a steal.

The waitress overheard me talking abt lemon sorbet (which i had at Venezia in Guthrie House earlier that day) and kindly informed us that they served it too, but we politely declined. The bill worked out to roughly $20 dollars per person. While the Aglio Olio was a big disappointment, the other dishes made up for it as did the cheery smiles and excellent service provided by the waitresses.


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