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by Morris

Ask anyone from the East Bay where you can get the best Japanese food in the area, and chances are Kirala will come to mind. It’s easy to walk past Kirala and not notice it since it doesn’t have a decent signboard and the entrance is rather concealed. Nonetheless, once you enter, you’ll most likely see a huge crowd of a mix of locals, some college students and many Japanese (this often makes me wonder where do they all come from). And truly, the telltale sign for good ethnic restaurant is people of the same ethnicity patronizing it. Here, you get quality service by Japanese waitresses who are quick to respond to your orders. A minimum spending of $10 on sushi will also get you sitting by the sushi bar where you get to admire the art of sushi making by Japanese chefs.

From tempura to sushi, authentic Japanese ryori can’t possibly go wrong here. The katsu don, which is not at all oily and has a hearty layer of fried onions on top of the rice, brings back traveling memories in Tokyo. The soba is excellent and refreshing as well. Though of course, no soba I’ve tried so far can better Shimbashi Soba in the basement of Orchard Paragon (I’ll leave this to Bobby to review).This review is actually pretty lacking in the actual review department but I’m lazy and so I shall let pictures speak for themselves.

Tempura with soba.


Seafood tempura combo.

Kirala, 2100 Ward Street, Berkeley


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