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by Mik

天仁 is a popular taiwanese bubble tea chain that somehow found its way to New York City. Having tried it in Taipei itself, I couldn’t help wondering whether the american chain can live up to its taiwanese namesake. Unfortunately, from experience, most american counterparts of asian restaurants are often, sadly, lacking as compared to their asian locations.

Upon entering the store, one is greeted by a list of top ten most popular drinks that New Yorkers often order and the writers of this blog ventured to try three of them (from L to R in the picture):

1. Japanese Green Tea (No.3 in popularity)

2. Passionfruit Green Tea (No.8 in popularity)

3. King’s Tea (No.2 in popularity)

Bubble tea

Upon first taste, the tea is smooth and well mixed, a perfect blend of sweetness and the bitterness of good green tea. Refreshing yet not too bland, the tea was a thumb’s up. Next up, the mainstay of bubble tea – the tapioca pearls. The pearls were soft yet chewy, with just enough of a texture to keep them from sticking together, which frequently occurs when the pearls are overcooked. In fact, all friends of mine who have tried the Japanese Green Tea have agreed that it is one of the best bubble tea they have drank in ages. In all, 天仁 was a good experience. Now, granted that one is in New York City and not in Taiwan, I will have to say that if one craves bubble tea while in NYC, 天仁 is definitely the place to go.

On a side note, the instant green tea powder mix is also a hit with many. A little on the thick side, but it gives all the strong flavorful cleansing power that one ever needs from a green tea.

天仁名茶 :
75 Mott Street
New York City, NY 10013