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Category Archives: French

by Morris

For the past 2 times I’ve visited NYC, it seems that I have to make it a point to visit Chikalicious… A delicious little dessert bar on 10th St between 1st and 2nd Avenue, run by a Japanese woman Chika and her husband Don. For $12 (+$7 with suggested wine pairing), you get a Prix Fixe: an Amuse, dessert of choice and a petit four.

As with all French deserts though, do not expect anything to fill you up nauseatingly like cheesecakes from Cheesecake factory. Everything here is made just to the right portion with much love and attention to detail by Chika and her dessert chefs. It helps though to have some knowledge of the names of French deserts just so that you know what you are ordering. Like brioche is just a fancy name for French bread

But even so, Chika adds a healthy dash of culinary creativity into her desserts that you should always expect the unexpected, like pepper-corn ice cream.


The Petit four (though it’s only three small items all the time). Always leaves me wanting for more.


Very delectable Fromage Blanc Island “Cheese Cake”

Other recommendations: The Brown Sugar Panna Cotta… simply let it melt in your mouth and ooh heaven.

With it’s ever increasing popularity and long waiting lines, I’d suggest you try it at the earliest possible opportunity!

203 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003