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Category Archives: Salad

by Nathan


Chop’t bills itself as a creative salad company. It tells you that they employ a “lettuce bouncer” at each of their restaurants, whose sole responsibility is to sieve the good lettuce from the bad. Well, I didn’t taste any particular difference in the lettuce, and the ingredients that go into your salad are about as creative as grilled chicken and chick peas. That said, it was still a pretty damn good salad. It is a nice break from greasy pizza or asian food.

I highly recommend getting a salad sandwich, which means that your salad gets wrapped up in a tasty carbo-rich tortilla. You also get to customize your salad, but that means you have to pay more. The dressing I tried, the red wine sauce, was just right. Also, they made a great show out of chopping all the ingredients into bite sized pieces, which also resulted in the different flavors being evenly distributed.

3.5 stars.

24 E 17th St
New York