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Category Archives: San Francisco

by Morris


With 876 raving reviews (and counting) on Yelp and multiple recommendations on publications like the New York Times, it’s little wonder that the line at Tartine bakery is almost always never ending. With all the publicity though, this place is strangely nondescript. It doesn’t even have a striking signboard that says Tartine bakery nor does it show signs of expansion to accommodate the growing crowd. In my opinion, the bakery is one that satisfies every free spirited, organic food loving hipster of San Francisco. Every waiter/waitress has his personality painted all over his face. Just yesterday, I was served pastries by a voluptuous woman with tattoos all over her chest, complete with earrings and nose rings and what-have-you.

Ok, on to the food. Its rare that a bakery can get everything so right. I think it has at least partly something to do with their consistent use of organic produce. My personal favorite is the buttermilk scone and the bread pudding. Now, I am a sucker for scones and I go around trying all types of scones. This one scores on the top of my list with a perfect balance of moisture (not too dry as to make you thirsty, but certainly not soggy), has the right amount of buttery aftertaste and the sugar crust just makes my sweet tooth happier.While most bakeries avoid making bread pudding because more often than not, they just end up serving soggy bread, Tartine does a great job with it. Even though it doesn’t look too appetizing (wet bread with random fruits is something that I will shun in theory and imagination), it is absolutely delicious and wholesome. When I lose my teeth when I am old, I want to have this for breakfast everyday. Of course, if you like savory stuff, the hot pressed sandwiches are also something to die for. I personally recommend goat cheese sandwich which is pretty delectable.

Although a bit pricey, it certainly is an ideal place for breakfast or tea (minus the bustling crowd that is).

600 Guerrero St. (@18th Street)